Hat Love: Mrs. Jones, Mrs Jones…

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 Jauquema Jones is  mother, wife and minister of youth and she loves hats!  We took a moment to interview to see if she would add to the hat  repertoire and  give her take on why she considers hats to be all that!

Thanks Mrs. Jones for sharing your input!

Why do you like to wear hats?

I like to wear hats because they help to express your character, so if I  want to be jazzy – or vintage, then it helps me to express what I am feeling in the moment.

Has  wearing hats  been in your family for a while?

My mom likes to wear hats and used to do fashion shows, the way she would wear them inspired me to be different. The hat was  usually “the icing on the cake” when she wore an outfit and it was great to see her wear it.

When do you recall enjoying the first time you begin wearing hats and what happened for you in that process?

 Well, because my  mom always had a style to wear them, I really began liking them when I was a teen. I wanted to be different and  since this is a time to explore your identity, I was really open to experiencing new things and I remember wearing a vintage hat for the first time and when I tried it on,  I found it really cool to wear.

 If you were to convince someone to wear a hat, what would be the reasons you would give?

It enhances your character to wear a hat I would say hats really speak to the character of an individual and inspires them to take a risk or two and gain  great confidence.

When do you like to wear hats and on what occasions?

“It really doesn’t have to be an occasion, I just like to wear them and it’s kinda cool to be spontaneous and make it “pop” .”

I think I feel like hearing that song!  How about you??


3 thoughts on “Hat Love: Mrs. Jones, Mrs Jones…

    ladecreations said:
    August 2, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    This was a very special post! Thanks for sharing Mrs. Jones and Headz Up Hats! Love it!

    ladecreations said:
    August 2, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    Thanks for sharing your love of hats with us Mrs. Jones! From another hat lover I must say..it was an awesome touch with the oldie song to match! What a touch Headz Up Hats! Love it!

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