Anna Dello Russo: Unique Hats

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apple hat

Have you ever seen anyone that wears a hat that draws MAJOR attention?
 For someone to wear a hat like the one  on this page, they have to be BRAVE.

It’s the people who wear the hats, that make  them, LAST. If you have enough courage to  wear this hat down a busy street, then Kudos for your bravery and  your wit!  You HAVE to have a sense of HUMOR, in order to no care what people think, about this photo!

Anna Dello Russo is known for making outlandish hats with lots of spunk.

Anna believes it’s her responsibility to keep hats alive. She is extravagant beyond belief.
Check out her home and take a look at her trends of fashion, here.

According to, Anna says : “I have passed my whole life discovering and promoting young, talented designers and I have never stopped designing my own line. I have a very strong stage vision of fashion. I love playing on the edge, pushing the limits further and further.”


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