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The fedora is one style of men’s hat that will never go out of fashion.

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Before 1950, a man was rarely seen out and about without a hat on his head. The hat was as much a part of a man’s wardrobe as his shirt, belt, or pants. Since then, with ever-changing trends and styles, the wearing of hats has dramatically declined. Have they gone out of fashion completely?

Thankfully, no. With the exception of the trucker hat (and those awful earmuff hats), men’s hats can be a very fashionable accessory to any outfit. Hats are functional as well as stylish. What man doesn’t occasionally need to cover a bad hair day? In colder climates, a warm winter hat is a must. (Again, stay away from the earmuff hat.) With the variety of choices and styles out there, the man’s hat has seen a resurgence in recent years. What are some of the most popular?

The Baseball Hat
Did you know the baseball hat was originally made of straw? It wasn’t until the 1880s that it was made out of wool and then later, cotton. Most men consider the baseball hat a wardrobe essential. The problem is that they continue to wear their favorite long after it should have been put out of its misery. Guys, your well-worn Yankees cap might have seen you through some tough times – but it might be time to hang it up. At least save it for when you’re actually playing ball. If you insist on this style of hat for other occasions, consider the New Era EK Cynosure Distressed Baseball Cap from HatsInTheBelfry.com. This contemporary style hat is made of washed cotton twill with ripped, distressed features. It’s trendy without looking trashy.

The Cowboy Hat
In 1865, J. Stetson created a hat on a camping trip. Realizing it was perfect for hard-riding cowboys, he began to mass produce the cowboy hat as we know it. What once was used for sun and rain protection is now a staple for anyone in the south or west – not to mention country singers. (Has anyone ever seen Kenny Chesney without his cowboy hat?) The key to the right cowboy hat is quality. A ten dollar gift-shop cowboy hat will only label you as a cowboy-wannabe. For the real deal, go to the designer that started it all. Expertly crafted with genuine buffalo fur felt for a feel and durability wool can’t match, this hat is just as striking as it is practical. Water-resistant, with a naturally breathable leather sweatband – you can wear this classic cowboy hat anywhere, anytime.

The Fedora
Ahh, the fedora. Once considered the hat for men of fashion, the fedora is now once again a trendsetting icon. The classic fedora carries a long history of style and sophistication – with just a hint of mystery. Ladies love a well-dressed guy in a fedora. (Frank Sinatra, need we say more?)

Thanks to celebrities and popular athletes, there will always be new fashion fads. Hats are certainly no exception. Some will be hits, many will be misses. (We’re not a fan of Justin Timberlake’s plaid golf hat, and we pray Ashton’s Kutcher’s collection doesn’t inspire a trucker hat revolution.) Panama hats are still wildly popular in many parts of the world, as well as the round-top derby hat. Styles may come and go but the truth is, hats are here to stay.
Source: Rosebud magazine


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