Hat Lovers!

Hats & Music!

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Nice video for Hat Lovers!

 Yes… there are some girls pop locking n here! But who’s to say you can’t pop-lock a little when you singing about hats!



Umm… does he have on a hat??

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Umm… does he have on a hat?? Ummm…. It summer…it’s JULY…  and WE are getting HOTTER….!!

hdies he have a hat

Sisters… Sportin’ the Kentucky Derby styles!

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Kentucky Derby hats are the BEST!

Headz Up Hats

 Yes …we have them!!

Star Jones – K Derby Style!

Mary J Blige – K Derby style

 Sportin’  the  Kentucky Derby Styles are not just for the races! You can look good in the summer and still have a little flair !

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It’s All About The…Hat!

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Donna Vinci Hats

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If you look up Donna Vinci on the net, you will find that you will find that words like Gospel singers like   Vicki Winans and  the Clark Sisters.  I can bet you that several African American women in  the USA  in church definitely know who she is. You see several  beautiful black women all over the internet who are wearing her gear, but you wont find out a  lot about the woman herself. You have to really do some research. she’s a woman with tons of style, but obviously very private when it comes to her livelihood.  I suppose that’s because her life is found in her awesome hats.

Some of her best suits and hats are found here. Dresses and jackets are her speciality. Click here for more.

Audrey Wears Hats

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Yes, Audrey DID put the style back into hats, back in the day… Here’s a comment about how hats make the person…


audreywhen i was young it seemed like every Sunday my mother would wear a hat to church- spring, summer, fall and winter, straw, wool, or fur, wide brim, fedora, or pill-box. i always thought she looked so pretty and elegant, actually i still do. i love a lady in a hat and i love all these images of audrey hepburn in hats from the book of the same name.

in many ways my mother and of course perfect audrey have defined what i think a lady should look like, how they should carry themselves, what is appropriate and what isn’t, how to have restraint, but that it’s always important to make a statement, and always wear hats!

It’s sunday, and you don’t have to go to a horse race to wear a hat! enjoy!

for more of audrey visit my pinterest board on her.

– See more at: http://markdsikes.com/2013/08/18/audrey-wears-hats/#sthash.qLMWwPlA.dpuf

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