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Can We Do this for Summer?

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Can We Do this for Summer?

But of Course…




Check out these other summer styles here..


What To Wear With Your Floppy Hat…

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Hats & Music!

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Nice video for Hat Lovers!

 Yes… there are some girls pop locking n here! But who’s to say you can’t pop-lock a little when you singing about hats!


Ced The Entertainer

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ced the entertainer holiday collection

 Ced 2014-01-29-at-6.18.04-PM

WHO SAID  Ced the Entertainer  wasn’t all that and a bag of chips when it came to his hats?? WE think they were wrong!

Check Ced out on his own Facebook page! 

He has hats for men AND for women!

queena and ced the entertainer

Sisters… Sportin’ the Kentucky Derby styles!

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Kentucky Derby hats are the BEST!

Headz Up Hats

 Yes …we have them!!

Star Jones – K Derby Style!

Mary J Blige – K Derby style

 Sportin’  the  Kentucky Derby Styles are not just for the races! You can look good in the summer and still have a little flair !

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A Little Hat Etiquette, Goes A Long Way…

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Here’s a way step up the etiquette when you have a party or attend a few special places.

Not only is it important to wear the classy hat that stands out, but to also have those social skills in tact! Stay tuned for more this month.
Enjoy this video on hats to wear to special luncheons, and find out what the term “Diva Dorn ” means!