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Summer Hats are in Style in 2014!

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summerHats_ Raffia FedoraHey there, check out this summer fedora from Raffia-band-Fedora… nice to see! Check check out these summer hats online  from floppy hat ideas to summer fedoras, or for lattice hats, or straw visors… or for more options or stop into our store!

 Click here to see what’s out!


Going Summer Bike Riding?

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Now, before you spend time watching this video, consider that bike helmets come few in the area f looking sharp and attractive…

Consider these hats for your summer rides!

Can We Do this for Summer?

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Can We Do this for Summer?

But of Course…




Check out these other summer styles here..

Are Bucket Hats Back?

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bucket hats back

buckets hats 2

Are Bucket Hats Back? Possibly if Rihanna says so…

Hats & Music!

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Nice video for Hat Lovers!

 Yes… there are some girls pop locking n here! But who’s to say you can’t pop-lock a little when you singing about hats!


Umm… does he have on a hat??

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Umm… does he have on a hat?? Ummm…. It summer…it’s JULY…  and WE are getting HOTTER….!!

hdies he have a hat