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Our Great Gatsby Annual Event Coming Up On November 29th!

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Our Friend Dreamer …”A Dreamer” Who Loves Wearing Hats…

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This is Dreamer Johnson.

Dreamer Johnson is a star! She surely looks like one with this awesome hat she is wearing! Believe it or not, she says her husband bought this one! Imagine that!

Surely, her husband knows what looks good on her!

Dreamer is a vintage hat collector. She also loves to buy  vintage coats and other accessories.  She says she doesn’t buy her hats from the Syracuse area. She  buys them mostly when she  or her husband travel.  ” I love hats. I think they give a very polished look. I wear them to church most Sundays and even  to work.”  Dreamer  works as a  substance abuse counselor in Syracuse, N.Y. and she loves ministering to people.  In fact  she quoted one of her favorite scriptures about hats: ”  a woman should have her head covered, especially when ministering…”  Having searched this word a little further , I found out it means ‘the covering on the head’ signals a sign of power or authority for a woman. (Love it!)

Dreamer believes you can  operate in your gift at all times and apparently she  looks awesome exercising it!

Dreamer lives in  Syracuse, N.Y.  and has been married for eleven years. she has three children and  works  as a counselor at Recovery Services a community service agency  in Syracuse.

Stars With Style… Will Downing

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This month October –  we are listening to Stars With Style… Check out Will Downing and his smooth song!


Hint of Whats Happening Next Month!

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Some Stars tend to make it happen in what they wear!
Stay tuned for a little music and sunshine, as these stars make it happen,
no matter what they wear but the HATS sure help!

And Then the Brothers Donned their Hats….

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At a recent family reunion, I sorta watched the men n the room who  wore their special hats find a corner to sit them. I noticed that they took a certain level of pride in both placing them, and keeping them out of the way, and then donning them a little later to wear. Isn’t it cool how the hats  just looked so good by themselves alone, yet when the brothers put them on, in pride … they looked even better in them!

Nice summer hats  these brothers are wearing!